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Made of 100% recyclable HDPE

All our products are made of 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene, they can be used as parking stops as well as area or lane delimiters.


Much more resistant and durable

Unlike rubber bumpers, our plastic bumpers are solid, making them much stronger and more durable, plus they can be stained to almost any color.

wanted. The impact resistance of the materials used for their manufacture prevents them from cracking or breaking like concrete countertops, in addition to being easy to wash, they are weather resistant and because they have integrated color they do not require constant painting.


  • 100% ecological

  • Excellent presentation

  • totally solid composition

  • Impact resistant and durable

  • weather resistant

  • Requires little or no maintenance

  • Hygienic and easy to wash

  • color options

  • integrated color

  • customizable

  • For installation in asphalt and concrete

Physical properties of the Polyethylene compound:

a) Flow rate 0.35 g/10 min. (ASTM D—1238)

b) Density 0.956 g/cm3 )

c) Tensile Strength (yield) 34.3 MPa (ASTM D- 638)

d) Tensile Strength (rupture) 15 MPa (ASTM D-638)

e) Elongation at break > 500% (ASTM D - 638)

f) Izod impact 125 J/m (ASTM D-256)

g) Flexural Modulus 50.4 (ASTM 0-790)

h) Young's Modulus 27.9 (ASTM 0-790)

i) Environmental Resistance (ESCR)

F50 condition C > 200 h (ASTM D — 1693 )

j) Shore hardness 62 Type D (ASTM 0-1706)

k) Softening temperature

Vicat  125 Degrees C (ASTMD-1525)

l) Melting Temperature 130 Degrees C (ASTM E-794)


Available models:

*12 X 7.5 cm. X Desired length (50, 56, 180, 183.......cms,)


Installation Methods:

a) With 12-inch long nails.

b) With 6-inch long anchors.

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