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"For every tree that we save using plastic plank pallets, you will save a percentage of oxygen for our planet."

Recycling and Extrusion of Plastics
Sustainable development


Road / Parking

Road Stops for application in parking lots, area or lane delimitation, with high resistance, durable and pigmentable.


Plastic boards can be used residentially and commercially as a replacement for wood, with the versatility of the variety of color, low maintenance, wood-like handling, long life and many more benefits.


Plastic pallets for the industry, which can be made to any desired measure, and for any use or application, counting on all the multiple benefits of 100% ecological plastic wood.


About us

POLYHEX is a company concerned about sustainable development, proudly Mexican, dedicated to the Recycling and Extrusion of Plastics.


All our products are made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic, mainly of Post-Consumer origin, processed in our plant through a first level recycling process and formulated to create a compound that meets the expectations of use and more demanding job.




For all kinds of questions, comments and concerns; please call us: +52 (81)8336 1212 or fill out the form below

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Main office

May 5, 290. Col. Trabajadores
Santa Catarina, NL Mexico.
PC 66149

Phone: (81)8336 1212

Polyhex, SA de CV
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