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Custom made pallets and specification

Made with our 100% Ecological Plastic Wood. Any desired size can be manufactured, for any use or application and in any color, with greater or lesser weight support  or work load, of great durability and resistance.


  • Long useful life

  • High impact resistance

  • does not splinter

  • Does not require maintenance

  • 100% ecological

  • Hygienic and easy to wash

  • Does not nest microorganisms, moisture or bad odors

  • Weather Resistance (Cold, heat, water and sun)

  • Solvent and chemical resistant

  • non toxic

  • Helps preserve natural resources

  • Returnable (Recyclable)

All our products are made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic, mainly of Post-Consumer origin, processed in our plant through a first level recycling process and formulated to create a compound that meets the expectations of use and more demanding job.

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